Question #1 – Not sure what to book?

Answer #1: We offer free consultations and would be happy to set you up! You can also text us on our salon text line and we can recommend what service would be best for you with photos. Our text line: 904-513-0010

Question #2 – I want pastel or silver-colored hair, but my hair is dark. Is it possible? And what should I expect for upkeep?

Answer #2: It is possible, depending on your hair; meaning, if there is past permanent color or previous highlighting damage, it may take us a few visits to achieve. Keep in mind that the darker your natural hair, the more noticeable the grow-out will be. Hair grows about a half-inch a month.  Expect your salon visits to be more frequent if you want to keep it light, bright, and toned how you want it.

Question #3 – What is the difference between highlights and a bleach and tone?

Answer #3: Highlights are put in foils to add variation and depth to the hair. It may also include lowlights to make the hair look more natural. A bleach and tone is a two step lightening service done all over to create an even tone/color for the hair.  With highlights you can go approximately 6-8 weeks between appointments for upkeep. A bleach and tone is more demanding, allowing only 4 weeks between appointments. If you commit to a bleach and tone, the initial service will be more in depth, whereas your next appointment in 4 weeks will just be a retouch for the roots. If you do not come back in time for your retouch, banding may occur to the hair.


Question #4 – If I have dark hair, how light can I go in one sitting?

Answer #4: As much as your hair cuticle will safely allow. Hair types vary and we prefer maintaining the integrity of your hair. Keep in mind if your hair is previously colored with a permanent color, we cannot guarantee that your hair will lift to expectation. (A test strand is also an option and it is complimentary.) We will always suggest a bond protector or a treatment to keep your hair healthy.

Question #5 – What is Olaplex?

Answer #5: Hair bonds are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services. Olaplex is a two part treatment used in color to help sustain the structure of the hair by protecting the natural proteins and bonds. We commonly use this for any high lift services. With Olaplex you can safely go further lightening hair than without using  a bond protector.


Question #6 –  What is a Kerastase Express Treatment?

Answer #6 : A Fusio-Dose treatment is a spray-in treatment that is a tailor-made blend of active ingredients to treat any hair type. Some help shine, strength, and even the density of your hair. Results may last up to 30 shampoos.


Question #7 –  Where do I park?

Answer #8: Free unmetered street parking is available all around the salon. We do have a parking lot behind the salon for our clients but we share it with busy restaurants so it is first come, first serve. While most parking says two hour parking, it is rare that it is enforced.  If you feel that your appointment here might be longer than two hours, let us know if this is a concern. Streets that often have spots are May and Forbes. Parking along the park on Post is also an option as well.

Question #8 –  Why should I buy professional hair care products?

Answer #9: We love hair and we want yours to look good every day. We have done the research and have chosen the best-of-the-best in luxury hair care. Our products will help maintain your color and make your styling routine at home easy and fun! And! Did you know that if you purchase your Bumble and Bumble and Kerastase products from us, it helps send your stylists to classes? We want to continue to grow as hairdressers and every year our stylists further their education taking various classes locally and in New York City.


Question #9 –  How should I wear my hair to my appointment?

Answer #10: We would love to see your hair the way you wear it every day. We can then recommend the best style for your hair type based on your hair’s natural pattern/texture and your styling routine. If you have curly hair and wear it curly, we ask that you come in with it styled as curly as possible and no buns or pony tails.