Booking, Safety and Product Info

We are very excited to get back to work! In the first few weeks, we will be adhering to some strict safety precautions. We are hopeful that this will be temporary and cause as little inconvenience to our clients as possible. Hopefully the following FAQ will be helpful. Please text us 904-513-0010 with any questions, suggestions or concerns.


Question: How can I book?

Our text line is the best way to request an appointment. 904-513-0010 Our online booking is for haircuts only right now. Any color services need to be booked via text or phone to ensure proper timing!

Question: I had an existing appointment but have not heard anything about rescheduling. What should I do?

Feel free to text our text line. 904-513-0010. If for some reason you do not hear back, please text again. We will be checking this diligently but it is always possible for some texts to slip through the cracks. We closed on March 21st and are rescheduling starting with those appointments first. Everything will most likely get shifted according to when your original appointment was booked. For example, If you had an appointment on March 21st and we reopen May 26th, you will be first in the que May 26th. We will be working on a daily basis to get everyone rebooked and not booking new appointments until the original appointments have been rescheduled. With this being said, we will not be operating at full capacity to adhere to social distancing; therefore the rescheduling process will be challenging… but we are very excited to get back to doing your hair in the safest way possible!

Question: What are the measures the salon is taking to keep the staff and clients safe? 

Before reopening, the staff participated in Barbicide certification, the stylists were informed on new sanitation protocols and guidelines and our hours and schedules have been adjusted to accommodate social distancing. We also adjusted appointment times to allow for extra sanitation of stations and equipment between guests.

Question: What are some new guidelines for the clients at Hawthorn?

We want to share with you some of the adjustments that we have to make to our salon operations. This is out of an abundance of caution for our staff, our guests and our community as well as to ensure that we are in compliance with all regulatory guidelines. We’ve made many internal changes to our salon procedures but we wanted to share the ones that will affect you during visit.

-We ask that you please come alone to your appointment, as we will not be able to accommodate extra family members, children or friends. If they must come with you, please contact us to make arrangements. Remember! Elbow bumps and waves vs handshakes and hugs 🙂

-All clients will be required to wear a mask that hooks behind the ears. All staff members that are providing personal services will also be required to wear masks. We will do our best to apply your hair color without getting it on your mask. It would be best to use a disposable mask if you are concerned with hair color stains. We will hopefully be able to provide a mask if you do not have one.

-For the time being, we are limiting the amount of blowdries in the salon. When we first re-opened, we were not doing any blow dries. We are easing back into them and this will be up to the stylist. (This is based on timing and each stylists’ schedule that day. We are hoping by late summer/early fall we will be back on track with blowouts.) This is a temporary sacrifice, and we hope you understand. Shampoos are also going to be limited so please come with clean, dry hair. (The stylist will determine whether or not to do a wet or dry cut based on your hair texture and type of cut.) If a shampoo is necessary, we ask that the shampoo area be a talk free zone.

-Upon entering the salon, you’ll hopefully go right to the styling chair with the stylist. If the stylist is not ready for you, we will ask that you please wait at least 6 feet away from any other guest. We will not have you change into color robes. Please wear an older T-shirt or something that has a lower neckline. We will be using styling capes as usual (which are always washed in between uses).

-Guests will be seated at every other station and 6 feet apart in reception.

-Our beverage services are put on hold for now so please bring water with you.

-Please confirm your appointment. The stylists are unable to serve as many guests during this time and our waitlist is growing daily therefore, it is very important to confirm your appointment. We are so lucky to have such amazing clients, and we hope that we can accommodate everyone that wants to come see us!

-If you have been feeling under the weather or experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms or living with anyone that has, DO NOT come to your appointment. Many of us have elderly relatives and clients and do not want to put anyone at risk. We are doing everything in our power to keep everyone safe, and we beg that you PLEASE respect this request!

Question: I am running out of my hair products; how can I buy more?

We are fully stocked with Bumble and Kerastase at the salon but if you would like to buy online, Bumble and Bumble and Kerastase (and Hairstory) have been awesome enough to give Hawthorn Salon commission on product sales using personalized links. If you cut and paste the below information, purchase through their site, they will share that sale with us! Please feel free to text for personal recommendations!